Client Testimonials

Passionate and Amazing Speaker

Suren Kolkankar is an amazing speaker. His passion for making other people’s lives better is amazing. When he is on stage, I am engrossed in what he is saying and I can relate what he says to my own life quite easily. Inspite of being a highly successful speaker and trainer, I am very pleasantly surprised with his commitment to continuous learning for himself as well as his unstoppable quest to make himself better and better all the time. If you want to become successful in whatever you are doing, Suren is the person to learn from. Wish you an even more successful future Suren, in making others successful !!

Umesh SomanCEO, Zing Corporate Consulting NLP Master Trainer Trustee ANLP (India)

Excellent Speaker, Trainer and Motivator

Suren is a young and dynamic personality. He is an excellent speaker, trainer, and a motivator for me. His guidelines are very practical and effective. He has always inspired me to grow at a higher level of success. I will be always grateful to him.

Binod Kumar Rana CMD, Navajyoti Group (Surat)

Wonderful, Skilled and Knowledgeable Trainer

I had the fortune of attending NLP Master Practitioner at Goa with Suren and that time he was the co-faculty for Master Practitioner. He is such a wonderful Trainer with vast knowledge and skill to explain the people about the core of NLP. I was greatly benefited by his NLP skills. I feel he is one of the best to teach NLP. I wish Suren all the success.

SRK RajuM.A. (Psy), NLP Master Practitioner Asst. General Manager (Corporate Communications) Visakhapatnam Steel Plant Visakahapatnam. A.P.

Empowering Transformation towards my Goal

Suren has an exceptional ability to transform vision & direction into on-target Goals. His teachings always charges me to do more sales and to maintain an empowering state for the whole day. He is always ready to help. I strongly recommend Suren for Goal setting & his Creative motivational talks. He is amazing!

Ajinkya SalelkarLIC Advisor-CM & CLIA, GOA.

Amazing Coach

Suren is wonderful Speaker, Trainer and an amazing Coach. His speeches are very much informative and practical and it always keep me on track. I have learnt so many things from him. His coaching has always supported me in my day today life as it uplifts my confidence once I implemented them.

Raju BalnaikFounder of RB Production Goa - India

Best Motivational Doctor

My heartiest congratulation and best wishes to Suren. He has been improving people’s life selflessly through his motivational seminars and counselling. 80% of the patients who visit hospital actually do not need medicines to get cure, what they need is motivation and desire to live, this is what Suren infuse into them. For me he is not just a motivator but also one of the best doctor who can treat anybody in any circumstances with his words. He is the light. He has a long way to go and serve the humanity.

Dharmendra KumarPlant head, Automobile company, Pune

Inspirational Training

I am privileged to be trained and at the same time coached by Suren. I learned from him the actual meaning of happiness. He always says, “Life is a game and you’ve to play it with a sportsmen spirit, sometimes you weep and sometimes you grin or sometimes u lose and sometimes you win, So just face whatever comes.” His speeches are very inspirational and it touches the every string of my heart. He is a hope of ray for the youths. I pray for him a great and successful life.

Vivekanand TambiFitness Coach & P.Ed Teacher Damodar Higher Secondary Gudi, Paroda- Goa

Solutions for Life

What I can say about this gentleman… Suren is a vibrant personality. He is an exceptional, enthusiastic and an encouraging speaker. His trainings have helped me in several ways like developing my personality, my business, in building my dreams, setting my goals and how to deal with life in a positive and simple way. Suren is a very friendly and loving person too. I must say he is a man that has the solution to what you’re looking for. His training programme will be a master key for everyone to attain all that they desire in life.

Viraj NarvekarProfessional Photographer Viraj creations Goa - India

Wonderful Memories

A simple man with a warm ravishing smile and eyes that gleam with honesty. He lives on his terms and by his principles. A man who personifies the proverb: a friend in need is a friend indeed. A man who has seen the highs and lows of life at a very young age. A man who speaks from his heart as he shares his knowledge and experiences freely, to be able to make the world a better place. i am so blessed to have you , Suren as my dear and true friend. thank you for the wonderful memories at the Goa NLP workshop. thank you for the value add to my life. I am confident that those who train under your mentorship at your workshops will experience how humble a human being you are. I wish you good luck for your future endeavors. God bless!

Komal KhandgeEntrepreneur, Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Master practitioner of NLP, M.A Psychology

Great Experience

Successful people command their thoughts and emotions. As soon as bad thoughts intrude, they cast out anything that challenges their ability to succeed at the task at hand. They do not dwell on negative notions. Their self-talk is positive and not overly critical. They replace bad thoughts with good ones. Because successful people engage in self-improvement daily and are constantly involved in positive things, they don’t allow themselves time to indulge in negative emotions. I CAN SAY THIS… only because of you suren….. Thanks a lot!

Sunil KerkarCultural Instructor, Directorate of Art & Culture, Govt. of Goa, (Musician)