How to Achieve Your Goals?

personal / professional goals

“A goal properly set is halfway reached”
Zig Ziglar

It all starts when you start writing it down

Write your goals down – on paper or in your personal goals book. When you write something down, you are acknowledging both to your conscious and subconscious minds that, where you are right now and where you want to be.

Here are steps to achieve your goals:

1. State your personal goals/ professional goals in positive terms.
Focus on WHAT YOU WANT. I have seen many people focusing on what they don’t want. Remember, “Your energy flows where your focus goes”, so if you are focused more on what you don’t want, then that’s what you will manifest in your life.

E.g. Instead of saying, “I don’t want to be nervous when I meet new people”, say, “I want to be CONFIDENT when I meet new people”.

2. Be as specific as possible.
Use your all senses, when you describe your goals. Set a specific completion date. It should empower your brain to send clear signals to your nervous system.

3. Have an evidence procedure.
You need to measure your goals in the process, otherwise how would you know that you are achieving it? Know how you will LOOK, what you will HEAR and how you will FEEL after you have achieved it. If one path doesn’t work then find a new path until you achieve it.

4. Be in charge.
Your goals must be initiated and maintained by you because its your goals. You won’t get the motivating drive until it’s your goal. You need to be IN CHARGE to achieve it.

5. Make sure its purely Ecological.
What it means is, it should benefit you, your surrounding and the planet. Remember, we all are connected and affect each other. So, whatever you give, you get it back.

Review and Repeat

Repetition is the mother of skill.

You cannot set goals one time, never look at them again and then expect long-term results. Your unconscious mind may know the general direction to move in, but the power comes from daily practice and constant review. People looking for a quick fix will never achieve mastery. Reaching your goals takes focus and practice: You have to repeat it over and over again.

Remember, “Anything is possible, if you believe in you”.

So, keep BELIEVING and keep GROWING.

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