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NLP Traning in delhi is conducted by Mr Suren Kolkankar from SK CONSULTANCY an Internationally Certified Master Practitioner and a Trainer of Neuro- Linguistic Programming.
Having 10+ years of experience in a Multi-Level Marketing industry helped him to understand human behavior to its core.

Why not NLP ?

NLP Technique enable you to unlock that potential that you always desired of – after all, we all are… It will help to change the way you think and understand the situation. Times when the glass was half empty will not matter anymore – you will be able to just drink the full glass and be done with it.

After studying NLP you will be able to influence and negotiate with colleagues and clients, communicate effectively with yourself and with others, calibrate and read from people without a spoken word, motivate yourself and influence your unconscious mind so that you can take control of your life if you haven’t already and of course help others to do the same. The reasons ‘why’ list is endless. As for the purpose, attend Mr suren kolkankar nlp training and we will ask you that question at the end.

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Note: The Certified NLP Practitioner is a beginner step towards understand and practicing nlp in day to day life events.

Enroll your self for nlp certification . Call us to now the next nlp training in Delhi +91 9607 405 027 or email :

  • review rating 5  Mr. Suren Kolkankar is a compassionate, energetic and truly engaging speaker. I have recently completed my NLP Practitioner course with him and his mentorship during the session were interesting and motivated and offer insights that takes many of us a lifetime to learn. I would like to thank you for what you are doing to encourage people to believe in their ability to be heartfelt. I appreciate your work to make the kind of difference that will change our world coming from our hearts become the norm rather than the exception. Suren! You Are Simply Best. I am grateful that our paths crossed and certainly hope that they do again. May you reach zenith of success. Keep in touch. Manpreet Sandhu

    thumb Manpreet Sandhu

    review rating 5  Suren was an amaaaaazing facilitator and coach, he made my journey smooth and clear during my NLP Practitioner with his kind support, even beyond the contents. He is GREATE anchour in my life that will remain forever in my mind, looking fwd for more programs and partnership with him.

    thumb Hassanein Ismail
  • review rating 5  Suren is an awesome trainer who connects with his audience instantly and make them feel comfortable. He has an in depth knowledge of what he trains and tell...

    thumb Yukti rastogi

    review rating 5  Suren has the special ability to connect with you on a personal level, gauging your individual level of knowledge and needs and tailor make his coaching advice and methods to suit your individuality. What I really like about him is his ability to let us APPLY what we learn in our daily lives and challenges that we face. He is very focused on how we can practically solve our challenges by applying NLP.

    thumb Krishna Maruthur
  • review rating 5  I met Suren in 2016 during my Practitioner Course in NLP. I found him too good with the content and delivery of NLP. I am lucky to get him in my Master Practioner and Trainer Course in NLP too. He is deep into knowledge and the way he explains it appears as if NLP is a cake walk and anyone can do. He mentored me during my Training course in NLP and he now is not only a Senior Master Trainer Candidate rather he is a Master Mentor too. I can suggest that anyone who will have him as a coach will see success in NLP for sure. Very soon he will be another few Master Trainers in NLP. I wish Suren all success. Although he is younger to me by age still I feel good addressing him as Suren Sir due to his knowledge of NLP and attitude of a Mentor Love You Suren

    thumb R.Mangesh Dash

    review rating 5  I completed as a NLP certified practitioner in the month of January 2018,it has tranformed my life totally. All credit goes to Suren sir who was my coach and trainer. He's a great personality I have ever seen,he will make sure that whatever we desire we can accomplish on our own. He has the capacity of transforming the lives of the people. Indeed it transformed mine,as the god creates we human being Suren sir is the creater of leaders......thank you sir and best of luck.

    thumb Rachna Abhigiri
  • review rating 5  Mr Suren Kolkankar is an inspiration and I am sincerely indebted to him for his time & effort in building my personal & professional confidence. NLP is indeed a powerful life-enhancing tool, and I have benefited hugely from it. Suren's passion and dedication in his training sessions sets him apart. His genuine efforts towards empowering people & creating leaders through the personal attention he gives them, is greatly appreciated.

    thumb Rina Barreto

    review rating 5  I completed my NLP Practioner certification course with Mr. Suren Kolkankar and Dr. David Lincoln in GOA. It was a indeed a wonderful learning experience with Mr. Suren; His depth of knowledge and the ability to make the concepts easy and simple groove into my mind and helped me to learn NLP very fast and in depth. I wish him all the very best and keep on inspiring and teaching with his passion.

    thumb Sarvesh Joshi
  • review rating 5  Nice journey great day

    thumb E tel Gobi

    review rating 5  Suren is without a doubt the best trainer I have come across. He has a way of connecting instantly with every student and has a very humble and honest approach in his teaching skills. It was an absolute honour to be taught by Suren and his teachings will stay with me forever. I will definitely be back to lean more from Suren in the future. Thank you Suren!

    thumb Alex Prew
  • review rating 5  Suren is a phenomenal trainer and a coach I’ve come across for years. He know his subjects to the core, always advocates interactions amongst teams and patiently lends his ears to every question..Truly an ace Master Trainer.. Gratitude & Best Wishes Suren? ??.

    thumb Nilesh

    review rating 5  Michael and the staff on this cruise ship were amazing, I would defiantly recommend this to anyone looking! Deffinatly worth it 100%

    thumb alex samuel
  • review rating 5  The staff arrived 15 minutes early and were very friendly and professional. We had a great experience!

    thumb Larissa Fitzhugh




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NLP program at Goa , I met Suren in 2015 when i attended the NLP program at Goa. He is a bundle of positivity, an enthusiastic speaker and NLP is his forté. I especially appreciate the fact that he takes genuine interest in the development of his participants even after the program.
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