You are what you think: Think Wisely

You are what you think you are: Think Wisely suren kolkankar blog

“I am stupid”

“That person is better than me”

“I can’t do this”

“My life is useless”

“People don’t understand me”

All these are few of the phrases we use on daily basis and guess what, these things keep on happening in your life because you are what you think you are. You create it artfully. So be careful while you are thinking.

If you keep saying the same sad small story, you will be living that same sad small story. So think greater and the bigger, whatever you aspire to be. Fake it till you make it, as your brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is unreal.

So the good news is you can play with your brain.

What’s important is YOU must believe in it.

Focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want as your mind cannot process negative. E.g. if I ask you to not to think of a pink color elephant, your mind will venture straightaway to a pink color elephant. So you should focus on what you want and keep on holding that focus to eventually accomplish your goal.

Here are the key things that play a major role in your life:
– what you talk with yourself, i.e. Self Talk, and
– what you see, i.e. Visualization

1) Self talk

Make sure it’s positive. Use affirmative language in your self-talk, which means it should be in a present tense.

“I am a champion”

“I can handle the things very easily”

“The greatness is within me”

And the universal phrase of motivation – “I CAN!”

As you get into the groove of psyching yourself to be the best you can be, you will notice a change in yourself. With such a positive and confident attitude, you will be able to accomplish your goals, without discouraging thoughts pulling you down in the dump.

2) Visualization

Keep on visualizing what you want and who you want to be. Be careful about what you are visualizing. See the great and fabulous things about you. Hear the great things about you, and feel the great and fabulous things about you.

A picture says a thousand words, right? We all know that. As human beings, we give more importance to visuals than the written word. So that preference applies to trick your mind to living a better more-fulfilled lifestyle and life. Many take the help of vision boards – something like a scrapbook activity, where you can paste images of what you want from life on a board, and place that board at a place where you can see it at least once a day to keep you motivated throughout.

So start with a vision board now. You want the BMW Grand Torino as your car in the future – cut out its picture from a magazine or better, print it out and paste it on your board. You want to be like Warren Buffet, the bazillionaire – stick his picture on your board. You want to marry Deepika Padukone – no, let’s be realistic here, don’t paste her picture on your vision board.

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