GOING V/S GROWING: Are you GOING or GROWING through life?

Going Vs Growing

We are gifted with a beautiful life.

The thing is, it doesn’t wait for you to cherish its beauty, as it keeps moving. It’s your responsibility to come forward and give value to it. We have two choices when we live it. Either we can GO through life or GROW through life.


The people who GO through life just wait for the things to happen. They do not take the responsibility to take the charge of their life. They just wants to live a risk-free life. They are afraid of failure. One question haunts them all the time, “What if it does not work?”.

They prefer to live in their comfort zones.

It’s not that they do not have goals. They do have. They wish to live a great life. The problem with these people is, they just wish and do not take the necessary steps to achieve their goals.

They do not want to face the problems. They prefer to avoid them but the problem is, the problem don’t avoid them. It keeps on stacking one after one, and as a result they end up with bigger problems.

When it comes to learning, life gives them a lot of opportunities to learn but their approach towards learning is “I know everything” and that stops their growth. They are missing the key element in their life and that is FLEXIBILITY.

Their focus is more on “what they don’t have”, rather than focusing on “WHAT THEY DO HAVE”. They believe in scarcity. They always blame the events or circumstances for why things are not happening in life.

You must have come across with these kind of people. In fact, lots of people fall in this category. Their approach towards life is pessimistic. You will hear few statements from them like,

“It’s difficult. I can’t do it”

“Life is very tough”

“Poor will always remain poor and Rich will always remain richer”

“There are very less opportunities in life”

“Everybody cannot achieve their dreams”


The people who GROW through life make things to happen. They take the responsibility and take the charge of their life. Their thinking pattern is , “What if It works?” and as a result they GROW in their life.

These people sees possibilities in their life. Their approach towards life is optimistic. In stead of waiting for the opportunities to appear infront of them, they create opportunities. They make things happen. They do have goals and know how to achieve them. They are the achievers.

It’s not that they do not face problems. In fact, they do face the same problems which others face. What makes them different from others is their attitude towards life. They know that not always life will be on their side. There will be some ups and downs and they just enjoy all the problems and challenges life throws on them and successfully overcome them.

Their focus is more on “WHAT THEY DO HAVE”, rather than focusing on “what they don’t have”. They have an attitude of gratitude towards everything. They are always grateful to each and everything that happens in their life. Be it good or bad. They believe that, “Whatever happens, happens for a reason”.

They believe in abundance. They strongly feel that everybody is blessed with all the great things he/she is aspiring for. They just need to believe in it and keep growing.

They believe in CONSISTENT Action, Determination and Persistence. They are very flexible when it comes to learning. They don’t see from whom, when or where it is coming. They just grab it. They know that the moment they stop learning, they will stop growing.

You must have come across with these kind of people. You will hear few statements from them like,

“If others can do it, then even I can do it”

“Everybody can achieve their dreams, if they believe in themselves”

“I will not know, unless I do it. So, lets do it”

“Lets create the opportunities”

The good news is, even though you are going through life, you still have a choice to grow more. Better late than never. Choice is yours. Join me at one of my upcoming events on Going Vs Growing , and I can show you how NLP can help you get out of your comfort zone to achieve your goals.