What is Neuro – Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

NLP is the art and science of personal excellence, derived from studying how top people in different fields obtain their outstanding results. NLP′s core idea is that an individual′s thoughts, gestures and words interact to create one′s perception of the world (called maps of reality). By changing one′s outlook, therefore, a person can change his attitudes and actions, hence, the results.

In short, NLP provides us with a way of understanding not only ourselves, but other people too, and learning to communicate with them in the most appropriate and effective way possible.

It is about training your mind to experience the wonders, not focus on the problems. It′s about learning to let go of things which have held us back, and live the life we want to live, however that may be. It′s about getting our outcomes… it′s not a theory, it′s about finding out what works… and achieving the results.

How does it work?

Learn to set and achieve compelling goals through the use of well formed outcomes. Increase personal certainty and conviction – uncover your values and beliefs. Recognise the values and beliefs of those you work with to enable better communication and the ability to motivate and inspire them. Discover techniques to self-lead, be resourceful and manage yourself better. Eliminate limiting self-talk and beliefs and reduce stress levels for a more fulfilling life. Generate more options and choice leading to better business decisions and results. Build rapport & develop quality relationships to influence, negotiate and resolve conflict easily. Enhance performance and confidence at meetings and presentations. Motivate & empower others. Change the unwanted behaviours and habits in yourself and others in positive ways. Discover how high achievers attain excellence and how to replicate their success.

NLP is widely used in marketing and communications, sales, leadership, coaching, negotiating and team building. It is a powerful way of enabling you to reach your full potential as a leader.

You can expect to increase productivity and revenues and create greater satisfaction from your employees and customers.


  • Goal setting
  • Self Esteem
  • Relationships
  • Winning strategies
  • Financial position
  • Communication
  • Personal rapport & persuasion skills


  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Habits
  • Stress
  • Behaviour
  • Conflicts


  • Limiting beliefs
  • Phobias
  • Chronic pain
  • Procrastination & Trauma

What will I learn from the programme?

  • Communication is the response you get.
  • The Answer lies in the Question.
  • Each person is Unique.
  • We have all the resources we need.
  • Having Choice is better than no choice.
  • Problems cannot be Solved unless you have an outcome.
  • People make the Best Choice available to them at the time they make it.

How will it help me?

  • Business – to promote good communication and negotiation strategies including sales and management skills.
  • Counselling, coaching and therapy – to accelerate changes with clients by looking at the processes that underlie a particular pattern, emotion or habit.
  • Education and training – to promote and accelerate learning and memory.
    NLP is also a valuable tool when it comes to training and teaching design methods.
  • Personal development – to remove negative emotions and patterns, promote confidence and self esteem.
    NLP also has tremendous applications in goal setting.
  • Parenting – learning how to foster good, clear communication with your children right from the start.
  • Sport – to enhance performance, develop and maintain the winning attitude.

Programme Highlights

  • Understand the underlying fundamentals and beliefs of NLP that enhance communication to yourself and others.
  • Learn to apply the exceptional power of your conscious and unconscious mind for communication success.
  • Discover KEY fast and easy techniques to communicate better.
  • Learn how to recognise the preferred style of your audience and how to adjust to make sure your message is understood.
  • Use fast & powerful questioning techniques to get specifics.
  • Increase your understanding and drive better decisions.
  • Transform attitudes to get better results.
  • Deal with and resolve conflict in positive ways.
  • Enhance your awareness of preferred thinking and working styles that results in different behaviours.
  • Enhance your and your team′s productivity and co-operation through self awareness and awareness of others.
  • Identify and learn how to play to your strengths and those of your team.
  • Learn how to manage your own and your team′s time preferences to eliminate stress and allow effective work / life balance.
  • Discover new and better ways of dealing with situations when you feel stuck.
  • Overcome blockages and get best results.
  • Increase passion and turn your limiting language and beliefs into empowering actions.
  • Learn techniques to enhance your empowering beliefs.
  • Understand motivations of own and of those around you.
  • Uncover energy and drive to achieve your goals.
  • How to successfully set and achieve powerful and compelling goals.
  • Know with certainty what you want to achieve.
  • Become more solution & outcome orientated rather than problem orientated.
  • Achieve who you want to be and what you want to do.
  • Elicit strategies to increase your creativity, motivate yourself and make decisions.
  • Identify personal verbal and non-verbal indicators of success.

The purpose of NLP is to be useful, to increase the choices you have and to enhance the quality of your life, by acting and experimenting , not by thinking about it. It is what you need to achieve your dreams and be successful. It′s about getting our outcomes… it′s not a theory, it′s about finding out what works… and achieving the results!