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5 Days Course

7 th to 11 th April 2018


We have been training and coaching individuals for almost a decade.

Programs Offered by Us.

NLP Practitioner


It is a life transforming experience of the power and magic of Neuro- Linguistic Programming.

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NLP Master Practitioner

After the Practitioner comes the mastery.

In this incredible 12 days course you will learn the deeper secrets of NLP and the methods to truly make you a master of NLP only available for those having taken a recognized NLP Practitioner course.

This program contains a unique combination of advanced NLP models and practical coaching skills!

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NLP Trainers Training

The Trainers Training programme is an excellent tool for anyone who is involved in training and educating people, learning and training specialists, people interested in training, instructors and training managers and NLP Master Practitioners desirous of becoming NLP Trainers.

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NLP Psychotherapy

or the first time in India a professional training leading to the qualification of Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapist.

This is a 18 days programme and is conducted in two 9 days modules.

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NLP for Excellence

The starting-point of NLP is curiosity and fascination about people. It is the study of the structure of subjective experience.

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Sales Psychology

Sales Psychology  workshop trains sales professional s to be the most innovative and peak performing individual in their team, by effectively using best selling practices , the science of psychology and the technology of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

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Ignite the Spark Within

The world is developing and with this development, we are so engrossed that we have forgot to develop our self. Unknowingly, we are running few patterns which is limiting us in our inner growth. We have an unlimited power within us and this is the time to unleash that power. Lets Ignite that spark within, which will inturn fire the unlimited power within you.

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Suren Kolkankar

Suren Kolkankar

Founder and CEO

Suren Kolkankar, Founder and CEO of SK CONSULTANCY is a Motivational Speaker, Life coach, Psychotherapist and an Internationally Certified Master Practitioner and a Trainer of Neuro- Linguistic Programming.
Having 10 years of experience in a Multi-Level Marketing industry has helped him to understand human behaviour to the core. This has driven him to pursue a career in the field of personal & professional effective training & development.
Suren has developed his passion in Public speaking since the age of 18. As a Speaker, Suren is truly a gifted motivator and is known for his ability to inspire, challenge and amaze his audience. He is a highly energetic trainer and has got the ability to captivate the audience with his charisma and smile. He has trained more than 10,000 people in the field of personal development. He believes that we have millions of ideas in our mind which we never trace. It’s just a matter of breaking the limiting beliefs and allowing the flow of ideas to come forth.

His motto, “Don’t go through life, rather grow through life” speaks a thousand words.

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