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We have been training and coaching individuals for almost a decade.

Programs Offered by Us.

NLP Practitioner


It is a life transforming experience of the power and magic of Neuro- Linguistic Programming.

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NLP Master Practitioner

After the Practitioner comes the mastery.

In this incredible 12 days course you will learn the deeper secrets of NLP and the methods to truly make you a master of NLP only available for those having taken a recognized NLP Practitioner course.

This program contains a unique combination of advanced NLP models and practical coaching skills!

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NLP Trainers Training

The Trainers Training programme is an excellent tool for anyone who is involved in training and educating people, learning and training specialists, people interested in training, instructors and training managers and NLP Master Practitioners desirous of becoming NLP Trainers.

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NLP Psychotherapy

or the first time in India a professional training leading to the qualification of Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapist.

This is a 18 days programme and is conducted in two 9 days modules.

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NLP for Excellence

The starting-point of NLP is curiosity and fascination about people. It is the study of the structure of subjective experience.

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Sales Psychology

Sales Psychology  workshop trains sales professional s to be the most innovative and peak performing individual in their team, by effectively using best selling practices , the science of psychology and the technology of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

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Ignite the Spark Within

The world is developing and with this development, we are so engrossed that we have forgot to develop our self. Unknowingly, we are running few patterns which is limiting us in our inner growth. We have an unlimited power within us and this is the time to unleash that power. Lets Ignite that spark within, which will inturn fire the unlimited power within you.

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Suren Kolkankar

Suren Kolkankar

Founder and CEO

Suren Kolkankar, Founder and CEO of SK CONSULTANCY is a Motivational Speaker, Life coach, Psychotherapist and an Internationally Certified Master Practitioner and a Trainer of Neuro- Linguistic Programming.
Having 10 years of experience in a Multi-Level Marketing industry has helped him to understand human behaviour to the core. This has driven him to pursue a career in the field of personal & professional effective training & development.
Suren has developed his passion in Public speaking since the age of 18. As a Speaker, Suren is truly a gifted motivator and is known for his ability to inspire, challenge and amaze his audience. He is a highly energetic trainer and has got the ability to captivate the audience with his charisma and smile. He has trained more than 10,000 people in the field of personal development. He believes that we have millions of ideas in our mind which we never trace. It’s just a matter of breaking the limiting beliefs and allowing the flow of ideas to come forth.

His motto, “Don’t go through life, rather grow through life” speaks a thousand words.


  • review rating 5  Best Life coach ever. His NLP sessions are life changing. You will be forced to believe in yourself and do better in life 😊 Above all, he is a great selfless human being :)

    thumb Srishti Malik

    review rating 5  Suren is an amazing person first and then an even amazing trainer. His compassion for people and a zest to transform their lives is evident in his trainings. He goes an extra mile to support his students. His NLP Training is an investment in your life. My regards and gratitude to him and his super supportive team.

    thumb Mishthy Sablania

    review rating 5  The course gave a lot of insight into practical day to day application. NLP added more details, knowledge and innovative elevation to my psychology background. Thank you Suren Sir, for making the concepts more comprehensive and applicable. Liked the way you deliver the core content. Feel so empowered to evolve and elevate in life. Nlp enhanced the benevolent nature within me. It's my sanguineous desire to create a new perspective of my existence. You were a true example of values and knowledge. Thanking you with gratitude.

    thumb Godeliva Rodrigues e Gomes
  • review rating 5  It was really fantastic experience. NLP is something within us but the training helps to awaken the power and One can really change the way of looking towards the world. Best part of NLP is one can cure any kinda phobias and help others to change or reframe the frames which can help others to focus on their goals.So let's see the world differently with NLP.Thank you Suren Kolkankar for the training...

    thumb rahul kmt

    review rating 5  Thank you Suren, for the outstanding training you provided last few days in Delhi. A strong presence, the energy and passion you exuded through powerful delivery is a sign of well embodied & experimented application of NLP techniques and tools. NLP to me is a life skill and topics of such nature is a hard skill to impart as knowledge. The reassurance you gave us when overwhelmed from time to time was encouraging. It was apparent that your enthusiasm stems from your soulful desire to see everyone grow and transform through application of these techniques. I feel lucky to be recipient of your training. Sincerely looking forward to a life-long association with you as my transformational journey has just begun and you are going to be instrumental in making it more exciting, uplifting and inspiring for me. Wish you all the very best in all your ventures👍🏻

    thumb Jumana Parveen

    review rating 5  NLP as a course is a bit tough to understand fully but when it comes to taking the same from Suren, it gets very easy to understand with adding value to your own personality.I would highly recommend Suren Sir's coaching as those are so highly effective for your personal and professional growth.

    thumb Rutika Meshkar
  • review rating 5  It was Amazing, NLP is great tool for our life. I had learned more than i expected. I enjoyed, learned, got scope and i understood my zones. Now i am enjoying the NLP tools in my life. Even i had made it helpful to my family and friends. Thanks to Suren sir, he trained us so perfect and with very comfortable language. Thank you sir.

    thumb Satyshiv Pande

    review rating 5  NLP training was very interesting, insightful n thought provoking. It was turning point and transformation for me. It given me an idea to look every problem in different perspective and provide positive outlook out of it and also different approach to handle various pattern of thoughts and translate it to meaning full behaviours. It was crafted my intellect to an exceptional state. It's also help me in re pattern my thought process and set positive beliefs. Suren made concept very easy with practical scenario. Methodology and attention given by Suren was effective in totality. Really it's revitalizing experience for me. I would highly recommend this training by Suren.

    thumb Maruti Patel

    review rating 5  Suren....the name enough in the field of NLP. A Coach, Mentor and a guide who loves his work and the same is delivered in his training sessions. He is the one who cleared all my doubts related to NLP. His programs are worth attending.Google has limited me to just 5 🌟. Hope I could add more stars here.

    thumb Sumit Bhardwaj
  • review rating 5  I met Suren in starting of 2018 and always amazed with his depth of knowledge and mastery in NLP. He is a phenomenal international NLP trainer, mentor and coach. His passion of creating leaders and transforming people life makes him unique. Thanks Suren for mentioning me and bring out my excellent me !!

    thumb Abhishek Sinha

    review rating 5  I had a wonderful experience with Suren. He is truly an amazing guide who knows how to solve your doubts with so much ease. He is the best I know if anyone wants to learn NLP techniques. Hats off to his skills n for the kind of person he is.

    thumb Ayushi Madaan

    review rating 5  Mr. Suren Kolkankar is a compassionate, energetic and truly engaging speaker. I have recently completed my NLP Practitioner course with him and his mentorship during the session were interesting and motivated and offer insights that takes many of us a lifetime to learn.I would like to thank you for what you are doing to encourage people to believe in their ability to be heartfelt. I appreciate your work to make the kind of difference that will change our world coming from our hearts become the norm rather than the exception.Suren! You Are Simply Best. I am grateful that our paths crossed and certainly hope that they do again. May you reach zenith of success.Keep in touch. Manpreet Sandhu

    thumb Manpreet Sandhu
  • review rating 5  Suren is an awesome trainer who connects with his audience instantly and make them feel comfortable. He has an in depth knowledge of what he trains and tell...

    thumb Yukti rastogi

    review rating 5  Suren has the special ability to connect with you on a personal level, gauging your individual level of knowledge and needs and tailor make his coaching advice and methods to suit your individuality. What I really like about him is his ability to let us APPLY what we learn in our daily lives and challenges that we face. He is very focused on how we can practically solve our challenges by applying NLP.

    thumb Krishna Maruthur

    review rating 5  I met Suren in 2016 during my Practitioner Course in NLP. I found him too good with the content and delivery of NLP. I am lucky to get him in my Master Practioner and Trainer Course in NLP too. He is deep into knowledge and the way he explains it appears as if NLP is a cake walk and anyone can do. He mentored me during my Training course in NLP and he now is not only a Senior Master Trainer Candidate rather he is a Master Mentor too. I can suggest that anyone who will have him as a coach will see success in NLP for sure. Very soon he will be another few Master Trainers in NLP. I wish Suren all success. Although he is younger to me by age still I feel good addressing him as Suren Sir due to his knowledge of NLP and attitude of a Mentor Love You Suren

    thumb R.Mangesh Dash