Sales Psychology

Sales Psychology  workshop trains sales professional s to be the most innovative and peak performing individual in their team, by effectively using best selling practices , the science of psychology and the technology of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Sales is an inevitable part of our daily life as we are constantly selling either a thought, an Idea, a service or product. Pyschology is the scientific study of the complex human mind and its functions. Neuro Lingusitic Programming (NLP) is the art and  science of personal excellence, derived way back in the 70’s from studying  what strategies did the highly successful people of different fields apply to obtain their outstanding results.

Do you wish to convert your maximum prospects into customers?

Do you wish to be the most highly incentivized sales professional in your organization?

Do you wish to be the highest revenue contributor of your team?

Do you wish to be the first one to over achieve your targets



What will you learn?

Discover what motivates  your clients.

The Keys of pre and post sales that can be a win win situation for your client and you.

The effective use of language and our nervous system to strike the best deal .

The power of aligning thoughts and actions to produce the desired outcomes.

Communicate so as to influence your customers and master invisible selling.

The Do’s and Don’ts to successful selling without being sales….. and many more secrets to be a successful  sales professional !