What are NLP Meta Programs?

NLP Meta Programs

You can’t help noticing how differently people react to the same thing. You tell a motivational story, some people get motivated and some don’t. When you crack a joke, some people laughs and some people don’t.

The question is why people respond so differently to identical messages. Why does one person see the glass as half-empty and another see it as half-full?

The answer is META PROGRAMS.

Our brain processes information much the way a computer does. It takes fantastic amounts of data and organizes them into a configuration that makes sense to that person. Meta programs operate much the same way in our brain. To communicate with a computer, you have to understand its software. To communicate effectively with a person, you have to understand their meta programs.

Meta means over, beyond, above, or on a different level – i.e. operating at an unconscious level. Meta Programs are deep-rooted mental programs, which automatically filter our experience and guide and direct our thought processes, resulting in significant differences in behaviour from person to person. They define typical patterns in the strategies or thinking styles of an individual, group, company or culture.

They guide and direct our thought process and behavior. They determine how we motivate ourselves, make decisions, buy things, what we are interested in, how we manage time, how long we stay in a job or relationship, our effectiveness with tasks and how we solve problems.

They are represented in our language. They are represented in our gesture, they are represented in the way that we act, and the way that we behave.

What are the benefits of identifying people’s meta programs?

• You can improve your communication skills by learning NLP Meta Programs. They’ll help you understand the ways that people respond to people, data, things, and situations.

• Meta programs helps you understand how people sort and make sense of the world. They also help you understand your own values, beliefs and behaviours.

• They’ll also help you understand why you respond the way that you do.

• Knowing someone’s meta programs can actually help you clearly and closely predict people’s states, and therefore predict their actions.

• Knowing someone’s meta programs can help to create rapport and to talk more precisely into that person’s map of the world.

In our NLP training we show people how to use these meta programs in order to motivate people, influence people and manage them more effectively. Have a look at our events page to see if you can attend one of our upcoming events to realize the potential of NLP in your life.

In our next blog, I’ll share a few meta programs with you. Stay tuned!