What is NLP Swish Pattern?

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In NLP we use a technique called Swish Pattern to break our unwanted habits or behaviours . A Swish Pattern is a technique that provides the unconscious mind with a choice; the old behaviour or a new more compelling behaviour. For a Swish Pattern to work, all that matters is that it’s an exact behaviour that you would like to change – a behaviour that happens in a specific context that you’d like to replace with the choice of a new positive and empowering response.

Swish Patterns are quick and easy.

The swish pattern is a form of pattern interrupt designed to assist us in changing direction – to interrupt the pattern we have been running (problem state or behaviour) and replace it with a more useful pattern (desired state or behaviour). It works by changing your focus just when you are about to drop into the old habit unconsciously, putting a newly-introduced desirable habit into your conscious mind as a substitute. This interruption changes your focus and makes you consciously aware of what you are about to do.

Remember, whenever you desire to break a habit, it is very important to substitute a more desirable habit in its place. Trying to break a bad habit without substituting some desirable alternative in its place leaves a void, and the unconscious may try to fill the void by bringing back the old bad habit or another unwanted behaviour in its place.

With a Swish Pattern, once you know the trigger you can give yourself a choice, a more compelling choice and thus your thinking is re-directed in a more resourceful way every time you experience that specific ‘trigger’ in a given context.

Each person will have his own set of bad habits. It can be smoking, gossiping, nail biting, overspending, etc. Breaking those bad habits becomes very difficult. Swish patterns can help you to overcome your bad habits.

swish-pattern sk consultancy
The swish pattern directionalizes the brain. Human beings have a tendency to avoid unpleasantness and move towards pleasantness. When you directionalize your brain, your behavior has a very strong tendency to go in the same direction.

The swish works best when it’s done rapidly. Why? Because brains don’t learn slowly – brains learn quickly.

Here’s a quick example:

Let’s say you want to go to the gym to get the much coveted 6-pack abs. But alas, you aren’t anywhere your goal because you are lazy, and every time it’s time to get to the gym, you procrastinate.

Does that sound familiar?

So here’s what you need to do, a. k. a. a swish pattern. Remember, swish pattern is a part of sub-modalities we cover in our NLP Practitioner Certification Program, so to learn more you have to sign up.

Getting back to our example, we’re discussing how your laziness is hindering you from getting those 6-pack abs. So what can you do?

First, understand the reasons (or triggers) that make you avoid going to the gym. Maybe you have to get up early, or you have to pack up your gym bag, something you abhor.

Now we apply Swish pattern. We work on the desired outcome. Visualize yourself with those 6-pack abs. Photoshop yourself with those abs, or just imagine. So now every time you think you have to rise early or pack up a bag to go to the gym, instead think of yourself flaunting those 6-pack abs.

That’s the beginning.

Next, we intensify those visuals with aides like potential comments you might receive from others around you, gawking at your 6-pack abs. Imagine your partner swooning over your new physique, or your colleague commenting how healthy and sleek you look. Those comments will intensify the need to go to the gym, thus breaking your unwanted habit of not going to one.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, it is, but you need a good grasp of NLP elements to make it work. So register for our upcoming NLP Practitioner Certification Program, and apply Swish patterns (and more!) in your daily life to live a better life.